Adventure Travel Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies

victoria fallsSome people are naturally born adrenaline junkies. They do not get excited by just relaxing on vacations. The outdoor is their playground, and they actively seek out new challenges. It doesn’t mean your next destination should be devoted to lying in the sun enjoying umbrella drinks. You need to create time off your challenging day job be it office job, firefighting, Charlotte Towing job, or whichever it may be, and set yourself up to adrenaline and fun-filled adventures. For adrenaline junkies, you need a destination where you can get loose and try something wild.

We have listed some spectacular adrenaline-charged travel destinations around the world that you should consider if you are a thrill seeker.

Cape Town, South Africa

The beautiful city of Cape Town offers a wide array of challenges for the most fearless adrenaline junkies. When you get to Cape Town, both land and sea adventures will be beckoning you. Cape Town boasts two world oceans meeting to produce one hell adrenaline-inducing activities. Waters in Cape Town are well renowned for having the biggest population of great white sharks in the world. You can get in a steel cage and swim with these massive beasts. Some of the adrenaline filled activities you can try in Cape Town include; Diving with great white sharks at the Shark Alley, abseiling table mountain, gyrocopter flight along the coast and surfing massive waves at Hout Bay.

Queensland, New Zealand

QueenslandQueensland is regarded as the adrenaline capital of the world. Just like its name, Kiwis are an adventurous group of people and love to enjoy their beautiful South Island city. The highest point in Queensland comes at around 15,000 feet. A trip to this place would not be complete without visiting the Kawarau Bridge. Some of the adrenaline checklists you need to keep note include skydiving at 15,000 feet over mountains and lakes in Queenstown, doing Nevis Swing and hang-gliding from the misty mountains surrounding the city.

Livingstone Zambia

Livingstone sits at the foot of world wonder making it an adrenaline junky’s playground. Most activities around Livingstone revolve on Victoria Falls and the famously powerful Zambezi River.  You can tempt your fate by hanging at the edge of the Devils Pool or just leaping from the bridge that massively spans the canyon between Zimbabwe and Zambia. You can also strap yourself into a microlight plane or raft down the swirling waters of Zambezi.  Other adrenaline filled activities in Zambia include; Bungee jumping from Victoria Falls Bridge and whitewater rafting down the Zambezi river.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Apart from just the many flashing lights and slot machines, there is a lot to do in Las Vegas. The city plays home to some of the most unusual activities to get your heartbeat raised. When you visit Las Vegas, you are presented with a lot of adrenaline-filled activities including barrel rolling in warplanes and drift exotic driving cars. For more adventure, you can try leaping from the top of the 108th floor of the Stratosphere tower. You can also fly like a superman down the crowded Fremont street.


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