Items You Need When Preparing for An Adventure Trip

exploreIf there is one thing that unites may explorers is the love for the outdoor activities, ranging from exploring, traveling places, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting, extreme sports among others. Having a successful expedition or adventure has to do with your attitude, preparedness, and mental capacity. However, besides this readiness, you need to pack the right tools.

When you are packing for a trip, there are essential items you will need for your safety and survival.

Clothing and Boots

You need pack adequate clothes to see you through your trip. For an excellent adventure, choose the right boots. For socks, wear a cushy type to help protect against blisters. Bring some backup pair in case your feet get wet. For pant, prefer to take lightweight and water resistant ones which you can buy at an outdoor gear store. You will also need hat and gloves and a rain gear.

Food and Water

In this category, the first thing you would need is a water bottle. For a water bottle, choose a type that has a flip-up straw. Next, you would need water filters. Never take water directly from a river or open water source. Adventuring requires energy, and this means you will need trail food. Depending on your choice, you can go for pre-made wraps, string cheese, crackers, fruits, and nuts. There is a lot of branded food for hiking, that can supply you with the much-needed energy.

Navigation Items

For navigation items, you will need maps and compass. Carry these items and know how to use them. They will come in handy to help you understand landscapes and assist you if you get lost. During your adventure period, you will need to pay attention to places you visit as this will reduce the likelihood of getting lost.

Emergency Supplies

There are a lot of emergency supplies you will need for your expedition trip. Top of these is an emergency kit. Next, you will need emergency blankets as it can get bitter cold at night on a mountain. You will also need headlamps, sunscreen, and sunglasses. You will also need a bandana which can be used for wrapping a splint or wiping sweat. Matches and lighters are the next items on your checklist. You will also need to carry extra water, purification tablets, extra food and medication.

Specialty Items

When it comes to specialty items, the list is long. You will need a cell phone, a special type for that manner. You will also need rubberized gloves that will come in handy during rock scrambling and climbing. A camera is a must for documenting your adventure, and also give you a chance to share your experiences later. Consider having a GPS unit for collecting data and finding geocaches.

Safety Items

If you plan on going into caves and mines, you will need to do due research to have items that can guarantee your additional protection. You will need hardhat with chinstrap, a headlamp and a flashlight. Carry extra batteries to supply you with lights. Carry additional rubber boots, a walking stick and a pole.