How to Prepare Yourself for a Backpacking Camping Adventure

Are you ready to leave your comfortable house and make a trip to a new location? Upcountry camping can be one of the best camping you will ever do, and it is important to prepare for this type of adventure. Backpacking in the virgin place can be one of the most incredible experiences.

You will need to load up your pack, leave your car behind and carry everything you need on your back. With some good planning, you can set yourself up for one of the most incredible outdoor experiences.

Decide Where to Go

The first step in planning for your backpacking excursion is picking a destination. The choice of destination must be in line to what inspires you, what matches your skills and what fits your budget. You can seek guidance from outdoor magazines, online backpacking forums, regional guidebooks and other resources to choose your destination.

What to Bring

A lot of what you need in your pack will be determined by the places you shall visit and the kind of whether conditions you are likely to encounter. Much of what you will need to carry has been discussed in our previous article. However, for the sake of it, you will need clothing, cooking and food items, sleeping equipment and essential emergency kits and accessories.

What to Eat

foodThe idea of planning the food for your trip involves packing enough calories that can sustain and fuel your heavy days. As far as food is concerned, the options are many. You can choose to purchase pre-made hydrated meals or assemble your own. Ensure you create a meal plan for each day and carry enough to last you for the days you shall be adventuring.

Packing the Backpack

Packing a backpack properly is all about ensuring everything fits in its place. Where you put your items will affect how comfortable your backpack will be to carry. Put water, cooking gear and other elements close to the center of your back. This helps to maintain the balance by keeping the loaded bulk close to the center of gravity. Maps, snacks, and other small items should be packed close enough for easy access.

Camping Safety

Although we never hope for the unfortunate to happen, it is by common sense to prepare for the same. When setting off for camping, you need to leave the itinerary of your trail, including where your camping plan to your friends or relative. If you get to a very remote or challenging terrain, consider carrying a personal locator beacon which can track your location via GPS and can be activated to send a distress signal to the local authorities and rescue team.