Top Underwater Snorkeling Destinations You Can Visit

HawaiiAre you among those travelers who are exhausted of exploring historical sites, and you are looking forward to something different? Have you gotten to a point where you cannot stand visiting museums anymore? If that is the case, then the best place to head is underwater. Scuba diving is an excellent sport that gives divers an opportunity to explore the marine life. Snorkeling is easy for children and is exciting enough even for the most jaded travelers.

Some underwater scenery is quite amazing and is worth your exploration. To help you plan your next, we have pulled together some of the best places and destinations around the world to have you enjoy this adventurous sport. Let’s see!

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye is home to the largest barrier reef sitting outside Australia. Belize has a lot of opportunities to get up close and personal with the rays, eels and all kinds of wonderfully colored fish. There are a large number of cayes and atolls that color up the Caribbean coastline. Belize is filled with colorful coral that’s sunken beneath the turquoise waters. Belize offers some of the best options for divers and snorkelers.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Ilha grandeWhen you set yourself off the coast of Brazil, and a half between Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, you will find this excellent destination of Ilha Grande. This monkey filled jungle is surrounded by brilliant blue waters that are teamed with beautiful colored fish. You may dive into the warm waters of Blue Lagoon and swim with the seahorses. You can also ogle the underwater coves or follow turtles and angelfish through the sunken jungle. Waters in Ilha Grande area also home to dozens of shipwrecks which are remnants of the battle between pirates and the Portuguese

The Big Island, Hawaii

Incredible snorkeling spots surround the whole of Hawaii archipelago. However, the Big Island has more square footage than all the other islands combined and has more to offer. The marine state park of Kealakekua Bay has amazing technicolor coral as well as colorful fish. It also has a real history, and it makes as the spot where Captain James Cook landed on the Island. When you get to the island of Hawaii, you can enjoy a couple of underwater adventures or head towards the crystal waters of the Honaunau Bay as you explore its coral gardens, alongside tropical fish and dolphins.


Maldives account as one of the most spectacular destinations in the entire universe. Some of the greatest sights this island has been beneath its waves. The small islands making up this archipelago are generously surrounded by aquamarine waters that are home to more than 700 species of fish. There are fish species such as tuna Wahoos and the butterfly fish. These waters hold a couple of other marine wonders such as turtles, sharks, coral, and anemones. There are friendly ones the likes of octopus. If you visit this place and do not enjoy snorkeling, you can enjoy undersea gardens and wildlife thanks to the crystal clear waters of the island.